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The Three E's of Group Fitness

Encouragement. Excitement. Empowerment. The three Es of group fitness, and the three Es that transformed the life of one of our dedicated, loyal members of Orangetheory Fitness. And we want to share his story. 


Riddled with health issues that the doctor advised would be mitigated with a healthy weight loss program, John C.’s dad decided to bring 29-year-old son to Orangetheory Fitness Charleston for his first free class. He communicated to the staff at the location that his son would need a lot of help, and the staff was more than willing to accommodate his needs.

John could barely walk on the treadmill and had major difficulty getting on and off the rower. For this reason, one of the trainers opted to take class right next to him, to assist him with the movements during the busy class setting.

Upon completion of John’s first class, his dad paid for the first two- months in cash – credit cards weren’t really their thing. John doesn’t own a smart phone or a computer, either, so booking every class was done through the front desk personnel. In today’s technology-driven society, it’s a breath of fresh air when we get to see human interactions take the place of virtual communications, and we allow the near extinct idea of “customer service” that we at Orangetheory pride ourselves on, to have meaning.


John’s journey went from barely walking, to walking without holding onto the rails, to jogging every now and then. And this was just the beginning.


Jessica P., the regional manager at the Charleston location, recaps an eye-opening experience featuring this humble being during one of Orangetheory’s annual fitness benchmark challenges, Peak Performance Week.


“The last day of the week was the one-mile challenge, and the goal is to see how fast you can run one mile. John took his normal 6:15am class and people were finishing their miles in 5, 6, 7 minutes. He was the last person on the treadmill and the block was 15 minutes long. I happened to be taking class that day and the trainer, Keith, came up to me and said, "I am going to get John to finish this mile no matter how long it takes." Well, he did just that. 


Class was about over and members could see that John still needed some distance to finish. Instead of continuing their reps or cleaning their station and heading to their car- they rallied behind him and started to cheer. Keith encouraged the class to cheer him on and every tenth of a mile the cheers got louder. I think I can speak for everyone in that room that we all had chills or tears in our eyes when John crossed the finish line and let out the biggest fist pump in history! 


We had members finish their mile in 5 minutes that day (running 12 mph the whole time), but the biggest inspiration to us was watching John finish his mile. His story is one that should be shared to ANYONE who is starting their fitness journey. This is why Orangetheory Fitness (especially our Charleston location) is so special. This is not normal. Not only has John's life been changed, but he has 100% changed the lives of our staff.” 

Watch the video below to see for yourself!



So, what’s the takeaway? We can share thousands of stories from members across the world in all walks of life, whose lives have been transformed by Orangetheory.


These stories, like John’s, may move you to tears.


But what truly makes the Orangetheory experience remarkable? That is, something that is worth making a remark about?


Orangetheory embodies each of these 3 aspects of group fitness, and takes them to an entirely different level.


Encouragement: At-home fitness apps may be a way of the future, but do they come with a built-in cheering system? Can they read your body cues, and tune into your emotional state during your ‘All Out’ moments? Not only do you receive encouragement from your fellow Orangetheory family members, but you get the opportunity of being the source of encouragement for every other Tom, Dick, and Harry out there making strides in their fitness journey because of you.

Excitement: There’s no other workout that combines a personalized workout experience with a group dynamic. No longer will your eyes be glued to the treadmill, each second seemingly lasting for eternity. For once, a 60-minute high-intensity interval training workout will go by in the blink of an eye, because you’ve got a support team rallying behind you, every step of the way. You get the chance to ignite your new love affair, with Orangetheory fitness, that is.

Empowerment: This is the essence of what the video captured, and words cannot fully express. It’s the power of a team coming together for a common goal, and laying the groundwork for inspiration, motivation, and progress in each other’s fitness journeys. The energy in the room becomes dynamic, with no shortage of inspiration that only escalates with each class.


There you have it. The three Es of group fitness in full effect.


Joining Orangetheory Fitness is so much more than adopting a fitness program to help you lose weight, get fit, or achieve whatever other personal fitness goal you had in mind. You get the opportunity to be inspired, and to inspire others with your success.

Go on and book your next class; be a part of something greater than yourself. You deserve it.