Alicia K.

finding yourself again

In 2016 I, along with my mom and my sister, received a text during the day that would forever change our lives. It was June 13th, almost two years ago, that I lost my step dad to suicide. Unfortunately, I have dealt with loss of all kinds in my short 28 years of life, but losing someone to suicide is an indescribable kind of grief. I had always considered my ability to handle adversity as one of my strong points, but this event broke me. I went into a deep depression that I battled for a year before going to receive help. I started taking a low dose anti-depressant as I have always tried to heal naturally as opposed to resulting to medication. 

I gained 40lbs through my depression and lost the drive and athleticism that had always defined me. I have always been a strong athlete. I was a competitive soccer player all my life. I coached high school soccer after college. I trained and ran a full marathon on my own, and even ran the Hood 2 Coast relay in Oregon. 

Gaining weight and losing myself was extremely hard. The medication I was taking was enough to help me make the first move and walk into a gym again, and that gym was OTF in Meridian Idaho. I wasn't, and am still not in the shape I was once before, but OTF was the best thing that could have happened to me. 

"I go 5 times a week, and even on days when I have a bad workout, I am still held accountable for getting out of my house and showing up."

I am proud to say that I have been off of anti-depressants for 2 months now, and I know for a fact it has to do with finding the athlete in me again. I owe my physical AND mental health to OTF.