Bradford M.

gaining new prs

I joined Orangetheory when the first location in Pittsburgh opened a little over a year ago. I immediately loved the classes and became a regular.

I worked out three or four times a week at OTF. I was feeling good and doing all the workouts, but looking back I was never pushing myself too hard. This past spring I had my annual physical and my blood work came back prediabetic. That was a wake-up call that changed everything.

Since that news I changed my diet tremendously and started to really focus on my workouts at OTF. I had left my other gym so I could start going to OTF five or six times a week. My improvements have been amazing. My weight has dropped from around 230 pounds to now under 190 pounds, my waist size from 38 inches to 32 inches. 

"I ran my first 5K this summer and finished it in just over 27 minutes."

This past week on an endurance day I ran my personal-best mile run in 6:37. In addition to the physical changes I've experienced, I'm also off of all my antidepressant medication. My doctor had said for a long time that physical exercise might help; it looks like he was right!