Bret A.

Happy, Healthy and confident 

Hi Ellen, 

I wanted to give you a quick story on how OTF came into my life at an important time, pretty much a cross roads. And how I have come out on the other side a much happier, healthier person. 

Long story short, I met and married my wife Faith. I became a step father to her son Jesse and over the next 10 years we had two more children together, a son Jacob and a daughter Lacy. Just after our 20th wedding anniversary my wife sat me down one evening and told me that she loved me, but it seemed we had grown apart, living in the same world but not connected the way a husband and wife who plan on spending the rest of their lives together should be. I had fallen asleep at the wheel. After a few weeks of tough conversations and tears we decided we would separate and see what the next 3 - 6 months would bring. Needless to say, my world had pretty much collapsed around me. and I found myself in a one room apartment down at the coast in Long Beach. 

Faith had been taking OTF classes in Temecula since the opening about 6 months prior to our separation and always tried to push and encourage me to work out with her. Not only was she trying to get me off my butt, but she was also trying to engage me in something positive that we could do together as a couple. Of course, being the man who was too engaged in business and everyday life and too blind to see what was right in front of me, I declined her offers and continued down my path. 

After a few weeks of living in LB and struggling with my job and my day to day life, I decided to take the free class offered at the OTF Long Beach Marina location. It was love at first sweat, I fully immersed myself in classes which led me to start eating a much leaner, healthier diet. 

"After a month or so at OTF things seemed to be settling down and I found myself with a whole new outlook on life and what it meant to be happy, healthy and confident."

Not only was this visible to me personally, it was also clearly apparent to my wife and others around me that there was some positive change in works. Over the next few months I dropped about 20 lbs. As I continued to workout not only were my body and mind changing, but my life was improving. 

At about the three-month period Faith and I started dating again and soon after that I was asked if I would like to move back home. Of course, I jumped at the offer and started working at my second chance. She and I have continued working out together at OTF every week. We have also made some good friends through OTF and continue to join many events that our local branch organizes. Orangetheory has made a huge impact on my new-found energy for my wife, children and life. We now spend most of our free time getting out and doing things, running, hiking, eating. What can I say, when you’re burning abut 950 calories a day, you can enjoy the menu a little more. 

Bottom line is I love, we love OTF. People often ask me how I stay in such good condition (for an old guy) and I constantly find myself trying to coach others to the path that helped me through some really tough times - OTF.