Carissa C

Member since 2017

pushing yourself

I joined Orangetheory Fitness back in October 2017 with the intentions of only signing up for a few months. I had been working out with a personal trainer for 4 years and my motivation had plateaued. I was looking for something to change up my routine and kick start my weight loss/fitness goals. OTF was about to start their Weight Loss Challenge, so I jumped on the bandwagon thinking it would be perfect motivation. I changed my diet a bit, set my alarm every day to make class. and suddenly this was working. I lost 9% of my body weight during the Weight Loss Challenge and I have kept it off plus some. It’s the non-scale victories that have been even more rewarding. 

I think we all remember our first class. That nervous feeling going in, that feeling like there is no way you are going to make it through 60 minutes and you should have not had quesadillas for lunch; and then that amazing feeling of accomplishment at the end. That nervous feeling suddenly goes away after you finish your first class. You continue to push yourself, so the 60 minutes doesn’t get easier, your recovery just gets better, and you get faster and stronger. And most importantly, that sense of accomplishment never goes away. 

"I was never an athlete. OTF has given me the ability to push myself individually, yet still feel like I am part of a team."

The support from the fellow oranges and coaches/staff is something that is almost impossible to put into words, you just need to experience it. More often than not, you will find me calling it my Orangetherapy. I find myself coming back to not only get in my workout. but spend an hour with my new friends. Never once have I started a class and wished I had stayed in bed. 

Most importantly- after moving to Maine nearly 10 years ago from New Jersey, Orangetheory Fitness has filled the one thing that I still felt like I was missing. A sense of community.