Courtney L.

Gainesville SW  Studio  |  Member since 2016

being in control

In May 2015, I married my best friend Chris. Two months later, with very few signs or symptoms, I was diagnosed with kidney disease. Doctors explained I was less than a year away from kidney failure if left untreated and our plans to expand our family would have to wait. I was devastated. All I have ever wanted was to be a wife and a mom. Over the next year, I took multiple medications to control the disease, including high doses of prednisone, a steroid with several unpleasant side effects including weight gain and “moon face”. 

In the summer of 2016, I joined Orangetheory Gainesville SW as a founding member. Frankly, I was unhappy, insecure, and uncertain of the future. I needed an outlet to let go of my fears for an hour and focus on my mental and physical health. From the first class I was hooked – each workout is different and can be scaled to meet any individual’s needs. It’s efficient, exciting and effective! The coaches at OTF are extra special too – they invest in each member, push us in ways we didn’t think possible and encourage us to keep burning. 

"OTF has been a big part of our journey to overcome kidney disease." 

In fact, it’s not just my journey anymore – in the fall of 2017 I finally convinced my husband Chris to join me! We enjoy working out together and spending time with our OTF friends. With the help of OTF we have both lost 20 lbs. While my kidney disease will never go away, it is currently under control thanks to the Lord, medication, a healthy diet and the perfect workout. In March, I was given the good news that we could move forward and try to expand our family. Thank you OTF for being part of our story!