Joanna K.

Increasing flexibility 

I am a soon-to-be first-time mom who has been taking OTF classes in Rockledge, Florida, since June 2016. I am a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader (2011-2014) and since my days on the Ravens I have enjoyed high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

I moved to Florida in 2014 for my husband’s job and am fortunate enough to have been able to continue my career in Florida, working from home as an environmental scientist. Going from working full-time as a scientist, an NFL cheerleader and Special Olympics coach in Maryland, to working from home and just sporadically working out at different venues in Florida, was tough on my body. I lost a lot of strength in my legs and some of my flexibility.

"The second I took my first OTF class I was beyond hooked and thrilled knowing that a new location had popped up in my town in Florida! My husband and I joined together and love to take classes together!"

I am competitive by nature and enjoy being led by an instructor when working out. I strive to impress my coaches at OTF and like to push myself to get faster and stronger as each workout progresses. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child in September I was thrilled to continue my OTF workouts. I modify the workouts slightly and the coaches work so well with me, always asking how I am.

Not only has OTF helped make my pregnancy easier and made me feel less like a blob, it has also improved my running. I am still able to run distances to this day, 20 weeks into the pregnancy!

I get a lot of compliments from the coaches for completing these intense workouts while pregnant, but if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be doing anything close to what I do in my OTF workouts. They make me work harder and strive for my optimal fitness level and for that I am so grateful! I will continue to convince my friends and family that OTF is the best workout they’ll ever do, because it is without a doubt the best workout I’ve ever done!!