Marsy B.

 Member since 2017

embracing healthy change

I joined Orangetheory April 2017. At my age of 25, I was going through a divorce, so I decided to change something in my life. I have been a Zumba instructor for over 3 years, but I could never accomplish my fitness goals doing just Zumba. I realized I needed something different. Sometimes the worst moments of your life bring the best of you, and that's what happened to me. I was depressed, my divorce left me with so many insecurities. Especially when the person I was with told me how bad my appearance was; but I took all of this as my motivation. I started going to the 5AM morning classes, eating better, and I dropped 15 pounds, this was my life change. 

"When I am working out at Orange, I feel like a wonder woman, I feel like nothing can stop me."

Orange not just helped me to change my body, it changed my mind. Today I love and respect myself!