Steven L.

embracing COMMITMENT 

Today is my 51st birthday.  One year ago, I decided I needed to do something more for my fitness.  I was in pretty good shape last year with a BMI of 26.  I hike trails in North Georgia.  I play golf and tennis.  But I felt I needed to do something more.  Then my golf buddy suggested OTF.  I took my first class in February 2017.  Since then, I have been very consistent with going to OTF 8 times a month, every month.  I lost 7 pounds and gained muscle because I know I am hitting the golf ball farther.  My endurance is so much better.  I can tell because we took a hiking trip to Glacier National Park in July 2017 (see Instagram @threekiddad) and I had no problems with the lengthy trails or the altitude.  Also, my endurance is better when playing long tennis matches!  So, I want to thank you for creating OTF.  I read your book Push in one day this weekend!  Everything you say in the book happens at my local studio!  I would send a special shout out to my coach at OTF Kennesaw, Georgia.  Sadler Stafford is absolutely fantastic.  I have had classes with probably 12 different coaches. 

"Sadler is by far the best coach I have had at OTF." 

As a primary care physician, I like to practice what I preach.  I have mentioned OTF to literally hundreds of patients.  Much of what you wrote in the opening chapters of Push are the same reasons I encourage my patients to join OTF.  I have actually learned so much about exercise physiology from OTF.  I have been able to share that knowledge with my patients.  As you know, many diseases that affect patients are related to obesity—especially here in the South.  Every day, I am treating patients for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and many other ailments that could be fixed with more aggressive diet and exercise regimens.  That’s where OTF comes in.  If patients don’t want to commit to OTF, then at the very least, I can teach them about the various heart rate zones and have them monitor their heart rates while exercising. 

But the main reason I want to e-mail you is to bring to your attention to my mother, Bunny Lenhard.  She turns 75 in April 2018.  Sometime in March 2018, she’ll reach her 1000th class at OTF.  She is the epitome of OTF.  Her endurance, strength and power are amazing for her age.  She tells me that everyone knows who she is at her local studio because of her age and because of what she can do at OTF.  Her All Out speed on the treadmill is 8 mph!  She can plank for minutes at a time!  She’s an ex-marathoner.  She has run the 10K Peachtree Road Race (the largest 10K in the world) for 30 straight years! 

Thanks for reading and if you’re ever in Atlanta, I would love to meet you and take a class led by you [Ellen Latham]!!