Steven B.

Member since 2015

Stronger and more confident 

We all have our demons and we try faithfully to work through them, however, some are greater than others and sometimes we feel weak. 

I joined OTF December of 2015 as my husband told me about it. At the time I was in and out of psychiatric care at the hospital. On all types of meds to make me feel better. I wasn’t me anymore. 

I found the first class at OTF over-whelming, yet I still signed up. It felt good knowing that I did this 60 minutes of hard work.

"Now after being an OTF member for nearly two years, I’ve gained my confidence back and I’m so proud I didn’t give in when I was my weakest."

I learnt while in care that I can’t control, what others say, do, or what happens outside of my control. I do have control of how I choose to respond to it. I took control over this situation and I ran with it! I said this will not stop me from being a better person, mentally and physically. 

When we are at our weakest, that’s when we look and say, ‘what is in my control?’ I have a job where I deliver negative news to people all day. Yes, it takes a toll on me, but I look forward to that 60 minutes of OTF after work, as that 1-hour a day is all about ME! If OTF was easy everyone would be doing it. Be strong. Be Proud. I’ve lost 50 lbs. thus far and built great relationships while doing it! Thank you Orangetheory!