Timothy F.

energetically healthy 

I was always very overweight my whole life as a child and adult and had tried lots of diets and failed. Always hated exercise. I couldn’t sleep near anyone without waking them, I was exhausted all day and couldn’t get enough caffeine. I was bearing 40 when my mom had lung cancer in her 60’s and ended up on oxygen. After that I decided I didn’t want to end up like that in 20 years. My wife Angela and I have four kids with autism. My biggest fear is to leave them on this Earth, so we work as hard as we can to get them every service and therapy and private education possible, but we’ve neglected our own health. 

"Since joining OTF, I’ve lost 45 pounds have zero health problems."

I can out run all of my kids, have more energy and feel better than I did when I was kid. OTF has changed my life and has made me a better husband and dad to my beautiful four kids: Grace, Landon, Jensen and Ean. This is the only fitness program I’ve ever stuck to, seen results, and continue to enjoy 3-4, sometimes 5 times a week. I wish I had known about this sooner and could have done this when I was 20. 

We’ve also learned that purposeful movement and exercise is good for autistic kids, so we are working to get them fit too. It’s changed our whole family. Thank you for letting me share my story and for making a program for regular people who have never done the gym or anything before. Thank you -- now I can live to see my kids graduate high school, college, get married and have their own kids. God willing.