Zahid B.

Mooresville Studio  

Pushing Me to New Levels

I am a founding member at the Orangetheory Fitness in Mooresville, North Carolina. I became a member in December and went to the Orangetheory Fitness in Cornelius, North Carolina, which is also owned by Daniel Schloss.

My first class was with a lady named Sarah Tuczsinski – I had no idea she was the head trainer in Cornelius – I just remember she was on point with everything I had expected. It was a brutal workout and I enjoyed it. I was especially impressed by her ability to create a desire in me to really work. As a former Division 1 swimmer and pro cyclist I knew all about doing work but now as a 50-year-old father of three kids I wasn't sure what “doing work” would look like or feel like in this chapter of my life. Coach Sarah taught me in a hurry! Within a few months I recruited my wife, Kim, to the Orangetheory family and then my 14-year-old daughter who participated in Orangetheory during her swimming off season. I also got my sister and brother-in-law along with their oldest into classes during a family reunion and they’re joining in St. Louis. I always made sure Sarah was their introduction to Orangetheory.

“Sarah makes everyone feel special, like they are the most important person in the class.”

While all the coaches I have worked with are great, Sarah is different. There have been conversations where Kim and I have tried to figure out why she is so different. We came up with the answer: Sarah makes everyone feel special, like they are the most important person in the class. Pretty simple in words but much harder to do in real life considering the sheer number of people she trains and the number of coaches she works with.

Sarah is a product of what you desired and worked into existence. All the things you said you wanted in an Orangetheory Fitness coach describes Sarah. The fact that your system produces exactly what you wanted speaks volumes about your business. From using the word “options” instead of modifications to being “student-centered instead of trainer-centered” – you’ve hit a home run. Never mind the technology and the staffing, everything is first-class.